Warren Sapp was right.

When he infamously said that the Steeler defense was old & slow.

Not that he was right about the players necessarily, but old in the sense they play the same defense the same way out of the same looks and have seemingly forever.

Slow in the sense that they’ve been slow to update the scheme, and especially slow to give rookies & younger players meaningful snaps early in their careers.

If the 2012 season taught us anything, in places like Seattle, Washington, Carolina & San Francisco, rookies have to play.

CB Keenan Lewis is the best example of the recent Steeler Way, bringing a young player along slowly, getting one solid season, then (likely) losing him in Unrestricted Free Agency.

I have ideas to change this way of doing business.

I propose that the team consider a new defensive coordinator.

I’m not proposing that the team usher Hall-of-famer Dick LeBeau out the way they recently did with Bruce Arians, however.
My proposal is to change his role to D-coordinator emeritus, and elevate Keith Butler to defensive coordinator.
Let Coach LeBeau spend time teaching – teaching position groups, assistant coaches & spending more time on adding new wrinkles to the scheme. I’m sure this will also energize Coach Butler, who’s been a spear carrier for too long – he may also bring new ideas to the D.


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